The Rad Life of Cinders in Six Noodle Dishes

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an avid noodle lover. So much that I joke my mom named me noodles. Part of my middle name is “Mi” which is a can be a type of noodles, depending on the accent symbol I put on top of it. “Le” sounds like cup when pronounced in a western accent. My mom pretty much named me cup noodles. Ha!

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Libraries: Home for the Bookworm

A post written long ago in June 2013…

Today, I had a huge leap in responsibility at the library. I was given the DVD key to lock up the videos and made the announcement that the library was closing so no more video checkouts. I gotta admit, I felt a teeny tiny bit power hungry with the DVD key in my hands. LOL. Seriously, this is so sad.

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Bruisy Knees

Trời ơi Cindy! What happened to your toe?” My mom pressed down on my big purple toe and asked if it hurts.

“Mom! Of course it hurts if you push it like that,” I replied. I honestly can’t remember how I stubbed it. I try to rack up a moment that can correspond to it, but there’s just too many possibilities.

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Mom’s Love Lessons

The two loveliest women in the universe....and my sister.

Uhhh…Mom…you forgot to give me some of your hot genes. I think I got left with all the dork ones.

This morning, while preparing my mom’s gift for Mother’s Day, I was curious to see my mom’s photos at my age. So I dug into the garage and found some. I can’t say whether me or my sister looks more like her, since I can find elements of both of us in her. I wanted to make a cool photo collage of the three of us in the same pose as her, but I could not find any photos of us in the same pose. I guess body language is a huge reflection of personality, and we have significantly different personalities. Although, more and more, my sister is pointing out how my expressions are becoming more like my mom’s. So in honor of Mother’s Day, here is what my mom taught me about how to show love.

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Love Lessons from a Two-Year-Old

One of the things that excited me most about coming home was finally spending time with my cousin Mason. Unfortunately, he is terrified of me. (I’m not that scary looking, am I?) In fact, he is completely terrified of everyone outside of his parents and paternal grandma. (Sounds quite like me as a baby!)

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Overlooking California: Griffith Park Night Hike

I didn’t take my camera, but here’s a photo courtesy of Google. Still, not nearly as beautiful as seeing it for yourself.

Since I’ve been home, I have learned to appreciate California much more. Because I grew up here, I never really took the time to explore it. Partly because my mom was always working, partly because I always assumed it would be here for me whenever I wanted. Hence, to prove my love for my beloved state, I decided to create a series for it titled, “Overlooking California.” I personally think the name is clever since I’m exploring something I have overlooked (as in failed to notice) and overlooking (as in a higher…or rather different…perspective) it. Yeah, freaking cheesy, I know.

Anyway, the other day, my friends and I decided to go on a night hike with the LA Trail Hikers at Griffith Park. It was my first night hike, so I was pretty psyched about it, despite a near car accident to get there.

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The Rad Life of Cinders in Six Jams

I recently read an article on NPR (yes, I read NPR rather than listen to it) about telling your life story in six songs, so I felt inspired to write about mine. Like most people, I love music, so much that I even got a pretty much useless certificate in ethnomusicology (just kidding Professor G.! I probably used what I learned in your classes much more than the info in my physical science classes…what a nerd…), because I love seeing how music plays out in culture and relationships and what not. Sometimes, I can just hear a song and think about a special someone(s) or a moment in my life. Amazing how an audio experience can trigger such vivid memories, huh? Or see how music impacts a social setting. Like how a bar never fails to get excited when Journey plays. Without further delay, here’s six songs that pretty much describes my quarter century life so far (although not necessarily my six favorite songs).

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